Saturday, 26 February 2011

Speedy blanket

 Hello, wow I have been away for a while. The weather has been dire so I haven't really had a chance to take any photos. Also I have been rather busy crocheting this blanket. It only took just over 2 weeks to complete - that must be a record - well it is for me anyway. After finishing the granny stripe blanket I realised I had quite a lot of yarn left over. I optimistically thought that I might be able to make another two blankets from the leftovers so I decided to just start on a quick large granny square blanket, changing the colour every two rounds (cos I'm lazy and hate changing colours too often) and started joining the squares once I had 12.
 I joined them using the turquoise wool, which I needed to buy extra for this purpose. Here is me sewing in the ends - this took the good part of one afternoon (whilst drinking tea and chatting to the lovely Alison from Gingercat) and one evening. I was quite honoured that the infamous ginger cat actually decided to sit on the blanket on my lap while I continued to sew in ends! She's such a cutie.
 And here is the finished blanket in full use. It is getting lots of snuggly cuddly times whilst my youngest watches her new favourite film - How to train your dragon. I am not entirely sure this blanket will last very long - it has been slept with, dragged around, tugged, rubbed, screwed up, jumped on. At least it's getting some use anyway! I have a small amount of Stylecraft wool left over and am just using it up - will let you know what it is once it is finished.

Another little thing I have not mentioned on here is some new furniture for the garden. I have been searching ebay for some time, looking for the perfect comfy seating to go on the decking. I was really hoping for a sofa and armchair set so we could really use the decking as another room. Well I was very lucky to find just what I needed - a cane sofa and two matching chairs for less than £10. My wonderfully kind husband offered to drive the just over 2 hour round trip to collect them. Luckily they fit in the boot of the car quite nicely so he didn't need to drive back in the rain with the sofa on the roof! Here is a photo of one of the chairs - the other chair and sofa are in the garage until I can treat them with tung oil or something else that will waterproof them - any ideas/suggestions?
I already have a plan for cushions - will take photos and post once I have made them. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Hopefully I will be posting a bit more regularly from now on. And as if by magic, as soon as I buy garden furniture we get hit by another cold spell - temperature is going to be just above freezing for the next few days - super! xxx


  1. Nice chair. I am looking forward to supping my cuppa tea on them inthe summer sunshine!


  2. Firstly, I am VERY jealous it only took you 2 WEEKS! to crochet a rug!
    I must be getting close to 18 months working on mine.
    And secondly I LOVE that cane chair.
    I have an unnatural love for cane chairs - unfortunately, most of mine are falling apart after being left out in the weather.