Saturday, 11 December 2010

Biscuits for Christmas - M&S can do no wrong

 I have not had much time to blog recently - illness, decorating, Xmas shopping - you get the picture. This is just a quick post though to show you what I bought today as I am so pleased I managed to get the above tin of biscuits from good old M&S, who also were very accommodating in reducing it to half price -  which was exactly what I was waiting for. I got the tin below too as it was only £4 and I thought you can never have too many pretty tins to store homemade biscuits, felt tips and lots of other clutter (we seem to generate quite a bit of clutter in our house, I don't know why).
 The picture below was in a pesky mood and refused to sit the right way up, even though I rotated it on more than one occasion. This tin is a gift. Shame.
Anyway, I will update you on further Christmasy goings on soon. We are putting the tree up tomorrow and eldest daughter and I will be decorating the wreath for the front door once I have finished this post. There is lots to cram in before my lovely sister and her lovely fiance arrive on Wednesday and prior to the kids finishing school on Friday. So much to do, so little time and all that. Take care all. Hope you are enjoying putting your deccies up. x PS. Must say how lovely my husband is - poor thing fell down the ladder whilst getting the deccies out of the loft. Bless.

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